July 15, 2019

It was a quieter week with no birthdays or visitors to Angel House, but this month we are busy with a series of training seminars for our senior management team. It has been raining every day with only a few brief spells of sunshine; good for the farmers but not so nice for everyone else. We are lucky that our garden drains well during the tropical thunderstorms that produce so much rain.

Infant B has now settled in to Angel House; he is not crying so often and looks healthier than when he first arrived, though still underweight. Baby M is gaining weight and is doing well, thanks to the careful nurturing of his caregiver; his mother has visited a couple of times to check on her new son.

This coming July 18, Global Giving are having a special BONUS DAY specifically targeting those of you that are interested in making a donation of at least $100.

It will be a great opportunity for your donation have a bigger impact on the lives of our angels, so please consider taking advantage of this special bonus day. Just click on the Global Giving link on our home page to make your donation.