September 18, 2017

We finally had a week with no new admissions and no children going out from Angel House; it was an opportunity to get back into a more normal routine for everyone. We are expecting another new-born baby this week and that will take us up to 20 children; you can imagine what it is like trying to care for five infants, seven one year olds and eight older children!

Our social worker is very busy trying to sort out the paperwork for our recent admissions and make a plan of action for each case; quite a few will be processed for adoption and that requires a lot more documents to be prepared. Our Executive Director was in Davao; he is a member of the Child Welfare Specialist group that meets every month to match children available for adoption with approved adoptive parents here in region XI of the Philippines.

As well as all our infants and toddlers, we have four children attending Day-care class every weekday morning and three children going to elementary school; they all receive extra tuition from our caregivers to enhance their learning. We believe that education is vital if we are to give these children the opportunity of a better future and break the cycle of poverty here in the Philippines. PHOTO: Our four Day-care children are eager to learn.


With all our new admissions we have had plenty of questions regarding adoption, particularly through our Facebook page. We always advise anyone that wants to adopt a child to read the adoption Q&A on this website; it contains all the information you need to get started with the adoption process.