November 19, 2018

Last week the local government of San Isidro celebrated national children’s month with various activities, starting with a parade and the official opening of the playground that we use twice every week as part of our activity program. On Thursday there was a dance competition for local schools and the standard was very high; Filipinos love to sing and dance! Our Director was awarded a certificate in recognition of his dedication and commitment to improving the lives of young children, not only in Angel House, but also in the local community. PHOTOS: A definite K-pop influence in the costumes. The winning team’s dance was very original.


On Friday afternoon the children enjoyed a Jollibee party at the playground with games and delicious burgers to eat (Jollibee is like McDonalds and is a national icon in the Philippines). Thanks to the local government for organizing these events for national children’s month. PHOTO: Patiently waiting for the party to start. So many children enjoyed the Jollibee party.


Angel House celebrates children every day of the year by giving love and shelter to those who are abandoned, neglected or abused, helping them to recover from their emotional trauma and enabling them to become confident and happy children once again. Thanks to our partners across the world we can provide them with nutritious meals, education, medicines and loving care from our professional staff. Our goal is for them to have a family that will love and care for them, either through adoption or re-unification with their relatives.

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