January 16, 2018

On Wednesday morning three of our infants went for another immunization but five-month old SL had diarrhea, so she was not immunized and instead brought to the health center in the afternoon for a check-up. From there she was referred to the hospital, along with two-year old JM who had similar symptoms. The following morning they were joined by five month old LS, so we had three children in the hospital at the same time! PHOTO: LS was not a happy baby with his fever.


Thankfully infant SL and toddler JM made a fast recovery and were discharged on Friday afternoon, but later that evening we rushed five-month old AP to the hospital with diarrhea and fever, so back to two in the hospital. Baby AP was discharged on Sunday afternoon and LS on Monday, so all our children are now back in Angel House; they still have to take a course of medicines to fully recover.

Of course we are trying to find the source of the problem; we only use bottled water for drinking and of course sterilize all our feeding bottles, so it remains a mystery as to how so many of the younger children became ill.

On a happier note we received the news that the adoption of one-year old JB by Xavier and Sabrina Schotte from Belgium will finally happen next Monday, January 22, in Manila. Our social worker and JB will travel to Manila next Sunday and everyone is happy that this little boy will have his new family and a bright future in Belgium. Look out for the photos on our Facebook page next week.