November 20, 2017

It was a very busy week, so let’s start with EJ, who came to Angel House at two months old in March, 2016. Originally placed with us for temporary care by his young mother, she never returned and could not be traced. We started to process EJ for adoption, but thankfully his aunt and uncle came forward to take custody of this one-year old boy. After we had checked that their home was suitable they came to take EJ last Monday. We are happy that EJ will be able to stay with relatives and we will follow up on his placement. PHOTO: EJ does not know his aunt very well, but we are sure that he will soon settle into his new home.


On Tuesday we collected another infant from the refuge center; this chubby two-month old baby boy will be processed for adoption as his teenage mother is not able to care for him. LE has a loud cry and always wants more milk, which is probably why he is so fat! We now have five young infants; all of them for adoption. PHOTO: Just look at these chubby cheeks!


Then on Wednesday we made the long journey to Davao to process the passport of one-year old JB; there was a long wait at the passport office, but we finally got it all done. With a three-hour drive to Davao, four hours in the passport office and three hours back to Angel House, it was a tiring day for everyone, but JB was well behaved and a pleasure to be with. PHOTO: The passport of JB will be ready in ten days.


On Saturday we brought most of the children to the beach to celebrate the birthdays of RC and Sir David, our founder and executive director; RC is five years old and David is not disclosing his age! Everyone enjoyed swimming in the warm tropical ocean and playing on the beach; we also had a delicious lunch of fried chicken, adobo, pancit and rice. PHOTO: It was a great way to celebrate this special occasion.


Wow, what a busy week at Angel House!