March 25, 2019

The school year in the Philippines is coming to a close with the Day-care closing ceremony tomorrow afternoon and next week for the elementary school children. They will have a long summer vacation during April and May as they are the hottest months of the year; we will organize some special activities for them such as more trips to the beach and other exciting places.

We are busy organizing our new scholarship program that will help so many young children that are deprived of an education here in our town; initially it will be for students entering pre-school or grade 1 and will provide school uniforms, school-bag and supplies, plus Angel House will pay any required school fees. It is so sad to see so many children not attending school as their families barely have enough money to feed their children and they cannot afford to send them to school.

We believe that every child has the right to an education and it is also an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty: by educating the next generation they will have better opportunities and hopefully provide financial support for their families. If you are interested in sponsoring one or more of our scholars, you can do it through the VIRTUAL STORE on this website or make a donation with a note to say it is for the scholarship program. Together we can provide a better future for these children that are deprived of an education. PHOTOS: The two boys on the right are already Angel House Scholars.