September 17, 2018

Two-year old IV was discharged from the hospital last Monday and is gradually recovering from his bronchial asthma; he still has to complete a course of medications and has a slight cough. He was an excellent patient as he is so well behaved and I think he actually enjoyed all the extra attention he received! His young mother and his grandfather visited him in the hospital and we are hopeful that he can return to stay with them later this year. PHOTO: Such a cute little boy.


You have no doubt heard about the super typhoon that hit the Philippines last Saturday morning, but it was at the far north of the Philippines and of course Angel House is located on the southern island of Mindanao. So for us it was a normal sunny day with just a slightly stronger breeze than usual, but our thoughts are with those that were affected by this terrible typhoon.

We always give the older children a few chores to help out and make them become responsible members of the Angel House family; they also have to work together as a team to complete their given tasks. PHOTOS: these two girls are helping to sweep up leaves in the garden. After they have finished their chores they have time to play!