Angel House Orphanage cares for abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children from birth to age six, providing a safe and loving home, medical care and education. We prepare them for a better future and to achieve their dream of having a family that will love and care for them.

As a registered NGO, Angel House receives no funding from governments or other agencies, relying solely on the generosity of sponsors around the World.

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Seven year old Je is so happy to have her hearing aids that will enable her to communicate with her friends. 

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 Our guardian angels this week are all our friends from Australia as they celebrate their independence: Oksana Demar, Anna Begin, Leeanne Williams, Natalie Hoppe and Yolande Acorn. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! January and February are always difficult months for us as sponsors recover from Christmas. But we need funds every day to feed our children and pay our staff.  Please donate by clicking on this link:
Our VIRTUAL STORE is now open for business! You will find items that we need for everyday use as well as some special items that we desperately need for our children.
Prices range from a few dollars to fifteen thousand dollars to fit every donor's pocket! It is a great way to give a more personal donation to Angel House using your PayPal account.
With even more little children to care for, we really need donations every week to cover all our basic costs, such as food, baby formula and wages. Please give what you can to help our Foundation.

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Bike For Orphans: 

Canadian Fred Bouwman was cycling around the World to raise funds for Angel House. Please read his inspiring final blog post about his terrible crash and the amazing people who helped Fred and his family in their time of need.